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1 in 4 people expect to work to age 70

9th July 2018

More than a quarter of people think they will still be working when they are 70 years old, research has found.

Pensions and life insurance firm Aegon polled 700 adults from age 18 to 64, and found that 27% expect to be working either full or part-time at 70.

In general, those surveyed were positive about their physical and mental wellbeing at this age, and 46% believe they will still be fit and healthy enough to work if they choose to.

However, Aegon warns against planning to work indefinitely without a contingency plan in the event of bad health.

The research also suggests that many people will continue to face financial pressures into their seventies, with around 20% expecting to be supporting family financially.

Steven Cameron, pensions director at Aegon, said:

"Being prepared for later life isn't just about the amount you have in your pension, although a healthy pension pot certainly helps.

"You can't predict what life will have in store at age 70, but considering your future in terms of work, health and caring responsibilities will help build a realistic picture of what you should prepare for financially."

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