Accountancy is 4th Happiest Profession

May 22, 2013


By Lyndsey Hall 



A recent study has revealed that accountants are some of the happiest in their profession: coming in fourth, just behind teachers, secretaries and engineers, respectively. According to the survey, the average British adult is fifty nine per cent happy in their job, with the highest ranking sources of contentment being their holiday allowance and relationship with their co-workers; both averaging at seven out of ten.


Workers were asked to rate their level of happiness at work across eleven key areas, ranging from pay and perks, to relationships with colleagues and bosses. The aspects that the average employee is least happy with include company perks and the opportunity to climb the career ladder, rather than their salary or holiday allowance; with many employees feeling that they would benefit from more perks like mobile phones, laptops and private health care.


Opportunities for progression and promotion ranked lowest of all aspects, at just five out of ten. Fourteen per cent of workers said they would be happier at work if they had regular tea breaks, and thirty four per cent would like to be able to manage their own workload. A third of employees wanted to feel like they were making a difference, and twenty two per cent would like to speak to people every day. Thirty five per cent of those asked said an easy commute was important to them, and eighteen per cent would appreciate yearly bonuses.


At the other end of the spectrum, those professions at the bottom of the pile include social workers, journalists and police officers.


A recent report by the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA), however, shows that more accountancy professionals have been seeking help for problems such as depression and anxiety than in previous years.


So, are accountants happier than other professions, or do we simply have more access to helpful resources in times of need? Which aspects of your work life are you most happy with? Are there areas that you wish you could change? Let us know what you think in the Comments.


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