WhatsApp and SnapChat could be banned

Jul 15, 2015


 By Lyndsey Hall

Under a new draft bill, that was initially blocked by the Lib Dems in 2013, messaging applications that allow users to send encrypted messages, like WhatsApp, SnapChat and iMessage, could be banned from the UK.

The Communications Data Bill, or “Snoopers’ Charter” as it has become known, requires companies that provide internet services to document the online activity of customers, and keep a log for at least 12 months.

Home Secretary Theresa May is planning to put forward a new version of the bill, which could become law as early as next year if it goes through. With the government now a Conservative majority, it is likely to be approved this time around.

If WhatsApp and pals want to stay in the UK, they will have to comply with the new law, meaning the government will have access to all messages sent using these types of app. Whilst this is good news for counter terrorism, it means that Ed Miliband may have to find a new way to send group messages to his Party with hilarious memes of David Cameron.

What do you think of the draft bill? Is it a step in the right direction for national security, or a step too far? We’d love to hear your thoughts, leave us a comment or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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