Useful Health and Wellbeing Apps

Mar 14, 2022

2021 was a stressful year for all of us, and 2022 isn’t shaping up much better. Here are some of the best health and wellbeing apps which can help you to restore your focus, motivation and productivity throughout the year.


Nike Training Club

This is a free app which offers a range of at-home workouts and nutrition guides designed to keep you in tip top condition. Nike is one of the biggest names in fitness and the Nike Training Club app offers more than 185 free workouts including yoga, interval training (HIIT), strength and endurance routines. The app includes a range of workouts that you can do depending on the space and equipment that you have available to you. If you don’t have any fitness equipment, there is also a range of body weight only workouts available.



This is another free app and it is designed to help you manage your diet more effectively. MyFitnessPal analyses the nutritional elements of the foods that you eat and can even provide recipes with your favourite ingredients. The app allows users to set goals such as maintenance, weight loss, etc.



Headspace is a mental health app which helps to guide users through meditation and mindfulness exercises. The app is designed to help with stress management, focus and sleep. It gives users access to guided meditations which are geared towards specific goals.

The app provides spoken word exercises which are designed to be used for around 10 minutes per day. New users can enjoy a 10 session “trial pack” for free. After that, the app costs £9.99 per month or £74.99 per year.


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