Surviving the Upturn

Jan 22, 2014


Surviving the Upturn 

As you may know by now, Knowles Warwick is holding our second annual business conference in March this year at the Hilton in Sheffield. The response we received to our inaugural conference last year (2013) was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided then and there to make it an annual event! We are very excited to be bringing some of the UK’s best and brightest talent to you, with speeches ranging from differentiating your business, how to make your business stand out from the crowd using personal branding, and how to manage change in today’s economic climate.


The theme of the day is “Surviving the Upturn”, how to succeed now that business is picking up again and things are starting to look up for the British economy. As Steve Knowles will explain on the day, more businesses fail in the upturn after a recession than during it, due to reduced cash flow and a sudden, unexpected increase in demand. With the help of our special guest speakers, we’ll show you how your business can manage the change and survive the economic upturn to come out even more successful and profitable on the other side!


Joining us on the day to share their immense knowledge and experience of running incredibly successful businesses will be Paul Dunn, Geoff Searle and Jennifer Holloway. Paul is a marketing guru who has owned his own businesses for years, and now spends his time flying around the world sharing his genius with other small businesses. Geoff is an international director and strategist with over twenty years in the business and management arena, and he will be giving you the inside track on using strategy and change management to make your business succeed. Jennifer owns Spark Exec, a Personal Branding company with clients as big as ASDA, Barclays and Hallmark. She specialises in finding that unique selling point and exploiting it to make you and your business memorable. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Knowles Warwick conference without a few words from our MD, Steve Knowles.


All this, alongside guest spots and exhibitions from some of the region’s biggest businesses, institutions, and business advice services; one-on-one breakout sessions; and a fabulous buffet lunch provided by the Hilton – you won’t want to miss out! Head over to our Events page to find out how you can be there on 27th March 2014 at Hilton Sheffield Hotel.


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