Surviving the Upturn: Meet the Speakers!

Mar 10, 2014


By Lyndsey Hall

If you’re attending our upcoming conference at the Sheffield Hilton, you’re probably desperate to know more about the fabulously successful businessmen and women who will be imparting their wisdom on the day. And if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, maybe this will give you the push you need to join us and take the first steps towards Surviving the Upturn!

Paul Dunn

Meet Paul

Paul is a marketing guru, entrepreneur and Wizard of WOW! He has owned several businesses over his considerable career, and now spends his time travelling the world from his adopted home of Singapore, sharing his insights and experiences with other hopeful businesses.

He is also Chairman of B1G1, an innovative and inspirational organisation that links businesses with millions of micro-giving opportunities worldwide, allowing them to give back as well as increase their social influence.

A member of one of the world’s leading ‘think-tanks’, he was recently honoured with a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK (even though he’s very definitely NOT an Accountant!). More recently, he’s been honoured as a Social Innovation Fellow in Singapore.

 Meet Michelle

Michelle is a business development expert, social entrepreneur and director of Talent Dynamics. She is committed to providing businesses and organisations the opportunity to transform performance through experiencing the benefits of trust and flow.

Michelle started Talent Dynamics from her kitchen table back in 2009, and in less than five years she has grown the business and now operates in 15 countries worldwide. Last year, Talent Dynamics held the first Trust Conference in London, which was a roaring success, attended by business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

As an introduction to Michelle and what her business does, she will be offering fifty attendees the opportunity to try out Talent Dynamics and complete a personal profile, using principles that have been adapted from Wealth Dynamics and applied to team members within the corporate sector.

 Meet Steve

Steve started Knowles Warwick Ltd in 1985, and over almost thirty years he has built a business that is much more than an accounting firm. Their clients range from sole traders to multi-million pound organisations, and span Europe, North America, China and the Middle East.

Steve recently launched his latest venture, Knowles Warwick Financial Services, providing financial advice via a qualified, in-house IFA.

With one hugely successful business conference under his belt, Steve is looking forward to another inspirational day, filled with invaluable business advice and networking opportunities. Steve will be imparting his wisdom on the financial side of surviving the upturn; managing cash flow and financial planning to help you ride the wave of the economic upturn.

Jennifer Holloway

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is an expert on the subject of personal branding and will be sharing her insights on how you can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Jennifer started out running press offices, garnering front page headlines and appearances on The Today ProgrammeBBC Breakfast and Sky News, before starting her own business, Spark Exec, and thanks her strong personal branding for her success.

Spark Exec boasts a plethora of big clients, including Hallmark, Price Waterhouse Cooper, J.P. Morgan and even Microsoft. Now, as the author of Personal Branding for Brits, Jennifer has taken what she’s learned and created a practical guide to blowing your own trumpet to help as many people as possible discover being successful means being yourself.

Meet Geoff

Geoff is an international general manager and strategist, and has over 22 years of experience in the management arena. Having worked for corporate companies and agencies around the world, Geoff has vast international experience and is currently the Managing Director of PMI. His areas of expertise lie in mergers and acquisitions, business integration, corporate development, brand strategy and business communications.

Geoff has recently published his new book, Freedom After The Sharks, which tells the story of his tumultuous upbringing and subsequent journey to business success. Drawing from his considerable knowledge of business strategy and change management, Geoff will advise you how your business can weather the storm and survive the economic upturn to come out on top.

And there you have them, ladies and gents! Our five formidable speakers. Like what you see? Get your ticket now before they’re gone! Visit the Events page to find out how.

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