Should you outsource your payroll?

Apr 1, 2024

Around 1.4 million UK businesses with employees share a common responsibility: the legal mandate to run payroll. While large enterprises often boast in-house human resource teams managing this task, small firms, comprising 49 or fewer workers, often grapple with time-consuming processes that can be streamlined for efficiency.


Balancing Compliance and Efficiency

Running payroll involves a myriad of processes, consuming substantial time each month. Ensuring compliance with legislation, making accurate deductions, and timely payment are critical components. For small businesses, alleviating this burden not only ensures adherence to legal requirements but also liberates valuable time and resources.


Making Deductions

Whether it’s a weekly or monthly pay cycle, certain deductions must be made from gross pay packets. Income tax, workplace pension contributions, National Insurance contributions, and student loan repayments are intricately managed to meet legal standards. Our payroll service ensures compliance with legislation, guaranteeing workers receive at least the national living wage.



For staff aged 22 and above earning over £10,000 annually, automatic enrolment into the workplace pension scheme is imperative. Both employees and employers navigate a structured contribution system. Our payroll service identifies qualifying staff, facilitates enrolment, manages deductions, and ensures contributions reach the pension scheme promptly.


Taxable Benefits

Providing taxable employee benefits for motivation and reward is a nuanced task. Calculating and taxing these benefits through payroll requires meticulous consideration. Our service, aligned with HMRC regulations, streamlines this process. For those missing the registration deadline, P11D and P11D(b) forms come into play, helping HMRC calculate obligations and facilitating smooth tax code adjustments.


Your Payroll Journey

At Knowles Warwick, our payroll services are crafted to not only simplify complex processes but to ensure compliance, accuracy, and timely financial transactions. Get in touch to discuss your options!


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