Is now a good time to increase your prices?

Mar 4, 2024

With inflation on the rise, wages increasing, and supply chains still stabilising after pandemic disruptions, many businesses are grappling with higher costs. Managers are evaluating the prospect of raising prices to sustain profitability. However, before taking this step, several factors merit consideration.


Contractual Commitments:

Assess whether you have long-term contracts with fixed prices in place. If so, immediate price hikes may not be feasible.


Industry Dynamics:

Evaluate the state of your industry. If there are supply shortages and high demand, customers might be more accepting of a price increase.


Market Alignment:

Regular price adjustments are common in business. While some clients may react unfavorably, if your pricing aligns with the market, they are unlikely to find better deals elsewhere.


Communication Planning:

If a price increase is warranted, plan how to communicate this effectively. Written communication via email or letter is recommended. Be concise and transparent in your message.


Internal Alignment:

Ensure everyone in your business is aware of the new pricing structure, the effective date of the increase, and how it impacts sales targets. Equip your team with information on how the new prices compare to competitors and how to address customer objections.


Transparent Communication with Clients:

Clearly convey to clients that prices are increasing and provide reasons such as rising business costs and inflation. Specify the effective date of the increase and any actions clients need to take.


Navigating a price increase requires strategic planning and transparent communication to maintain customer relationships while adapting to evolving economic conditions. Get in touch to talk to us about your strategic business plan!


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