How to value your business

Mar 18, 2024

You’ve compiled all the pertinent details about your business, and now the moment of truth arrives — determining its value. This intricate task involves navigating through various methods, each tailored to different business contexts. Let’s unravel the four primary methods and explore which might be best for you and your business.


Valuing Assets

This method takes a close look at the tangible assets your business owns. By subtracting liabilities, the overall value hinges on these measurable, physical assets like equipment, machinery, land, and more. Businesses in sectors with substantial tangible assets, such as property and manufacturing, find this method a natural fit.


Discounted Cashflow

Reserved for mature, stable businesses with predictable cashflow, this method gazes into the future. Forecasts spanning several years help calculate the present value of future cashflow, adjusted for risk and the time value of money. Complex yet powerful, it’s a strategic choice for businesses with a history of stability.


Entry Cost Valuation

Tailored for startups, this method estimates a business’s value by gauging the cost of launching a similar venture. From finance and asset acquisition to staffing and customer base development, it encapsulates the spectrum. It’s particularly useful for new businesses aiming to understand their value in the market.


Multiples Approach

Also known as the ‘price to earnings ratio,’ this method harmonizes with established businesses boasting stable growth and positive earnings. It leverages ratios derived from the value of similar businesses, providing a benchmark. This approach proves invaluable for buyers or investors striving to ascertain a fair acquisition price.

In the real world, businesses often find their true value by combining two or more methods. The intricate dance of tangible and intangible assets, cashflow projections, startup costs, and industry benchmarks creates a nuanced narrative of a business’s worth.


Embarking on the journey to unveil your business’s value demands expertise and strategic insight. If you’re navigating this path or contemplating it, get in touch! Or follow us on LinkedIn for daily business and finance news.


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