HMRC Phone Scam

Jun 1, 2016


 By Lyndsey Hall

 A new scam involving HMRC has recently come to our attention. Victims are receiving voice mail messages from individuals claiming to be from the Revenue, asking them to call 0203 129 1431 urgently or risk legal action.

On calling the number, the scammers answer with ‘HMRC’, and when probed claim to be from the ‘Investigation’ department in London. However, when asked why HMRC would be calling and leaving messages regarding an investigation they become defensive, claiming that “there had been no response to certified mail”. When pushed further, they become aggressive, shouting and putting the phone down.

HMRC is aware of the scam, as are the Action Fraud and Police Helplines, who have received hundreds of reports from victims. According to these reports, the fraudsters tell the victim that they owe thousands of pounds to the tax man, dating back as far as 2006, and unless they pay up immediately the police will be at their door within thirty minutes; they will be arrested and taken to jail, and the bill will double.

An advisor from the fraud squad said that an investigation would be carried out, and recommended that anyone who receives a suspicious phone call, voice mail message or other form of contact purporting to be from HMRC to speak to their tax advisor before sharing any sensitive information.

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