Double your screens with the Duet Display App

Apr 26, 2021

In the office, many employees are used to working with two screens. However, with more people than ever working from home, unless you took your desk monitor home when lockdown began, you may be missing the efficiency of a dual screen computer setup. Enter Duet Display.


What is Duet Display?

Duet Display is an app that converts an iPad or Android tablet to a second screen. The app was created by ex-Apple engineers and works with both Apple and Windows computers.

Apple’s latest systems allow you to connect devices wirelessly but it won’t work with any iPad released before 2019 – Duet Display works with iPads dating from 2012. It also works cross-platform, so you can use a Windows PC or Mac as the host and Apple or Android mobile devices as the secondary display. You can even turn a Chromebook into a secondary display, since Chrome OS can run Android apps.


How do I set up Duet Display?

Installing Duet Display is straightforward. You start by downloading the app (£9.99 on the Apple App Store or from

Once you have downloaded and installed the relevant drivers on your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, you simply plug your iPad or tablet into the computer’s USB port. If you prefer to connect using WiFi you can upgrade to Duet Air which costs £1.99 extra per month.


Can I add multiple screens using Duet Display?

It is worth noting that Duet only supports one additional screen. You can drag a window from your main computer onto the iPad / tablet screen just as you would with an external monitor. If you already have the latest Mac and iPad, you can use macOS Catalina’s included Sidecar feature.

But for people who have older devices, Android tablets, Chromebooks, or Windows laptops and desktops, Duet Display offers a simple, effective way to add a second screen to your computer – it is perfect for remote working.


How have you found the transition to remote working? Has your technology met the necessary standards or have you struggled to operate as you would in the office? Let us know your thoughts on Linkedin.


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