Sheffield calls for fairer funding in city schools

Jul 3, 2018


By Kate Brown

Sheffield calls for fairer funding in city schools - Knowles Warwick

Figures emerged last month that Sheffield schools are the worst funded out of all UK major cities. With Sheffield receiving on average £260,000 less funding in primary schools, and £822,000 less funding in secondary schools, a petition has been launched for fairer funding. More specifically, in 2018/19 Sheffield city schools received £743 less per pupil than Manchester, £589 less per pupil than Nottingham, and £80 less per pupil than Leeds.

Local newspapers, The Star and Sheffield Telegraph, launched a campaign calling on the government to fairer fund Sheffield Schools. Already working alongside Sheffield Council, Sheffield MPs, schools, Learn Sheffield, businesses and community groups, they are now calling on local residents to join the petition. So far, over 3,000 people have signed the petition.

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