Petition to save hire bike scheme in Sheffield

Jul 25, 2018


By Lyndsey Hall

Created by Emily Green, the petition calls on Ofo to reverse its decision to leave the city after deciding to withdraw in order to concentrate on other “key” markets. Ofo launched the scheme in Sheffield back in January, and announced the following month that the bikes had proved so popular hundreds more were being brought into the city.

Unfortunately, since then the company has found that the rate of vandalism to the iconic yellow bikes has not dropped off as expected, unlike in other UK cities where the scheme continues to run.

The company denies that vandalism is behind the decision to leave Sheffield, despite last month bringing in the police, ex-armed forces and a 24/7 ‘rapid response’ team to combat levels of vandalism ‘far above’ those in other cities.

Sheffield Green Party has called on the council to investigate Ofo’s decision to remove the bikes, with Councillor Douglas Johnson claiming the announcement made the city look bad. Sheffield Council’s ruling Labour group has promised to look into other dockless bike schemes to replace Ofo.

The petition, which is also addressed to Sheffield Council, states: “The yellow Ofo bikes are going to be removed from Sheffield. We’re sad about this and would like Ofo to reconsider the decision. Please take two minutes to sign and show solidarity for the lovely yellow bikes.”

The petition was launched two weeks ago and has so far been signed by over 100 people. You can sign the petition and help Emily save the yellow bikes by clicking here.

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