More than 200 employers named and shamed for failing to pay the minimum wage

Jul 6, 2018


By Kate Brown

More than 200 employers name and shamed for failing to pay the minimum wage - Knowles Warwick

Almost 240 employers who have failed to pay their staff the national minimum wage have been named and shamed by the government. The list of employers includes: Odeon and UCI cinema group in Manchester; Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club; Doncaster Rovers FC; Bristol City FC. In some cases, employers deducted wages for uniforms and/or failed to pay for travel time.

As of April 2018, the national living wage (NLW) and national minimum wage (NMW) rates currently stand as follows:

  • NLW (25+) – £7.83 per hour
  • NMW (21- 24) – £7.38 per hour
  • NMW (18-20) – £5.90 per hour
  • NMW (16-17) – £4.20 per hour

Andrew Griffiths, Business Minister, commented: “Employers who don’t do the right thing face fines as well as being hit with the bill for payback”. Around £1.4 million has been recovered in pay back for 22,400 workers. Employers have been fined almost £2 million.

Bryan Sanderson, Low Pay Commission chairman, said: “It is crucial that employers understand their responsibilities and workers know their rights around the minimum wage”.

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