Improve your Wi-Fi for working from home

Sep 29, 2020


By Lyndsey Hall


Working from home during the lockdown has meant that many of us have discovered parts of our homes where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or even blocked completely by walls, furniture, etc. If your home office is too far from your router, you will have realised that Wi-Fi “dead zones” can be a real issue.

This is where a Wi-Fi range extender can help.

What is a Wi-Fi range extender?

Like the name suggests, it can help give your network a boost by receiving the signal from your router and then re-amplifying it further around your house. However, not all Wi-Fi range extenders are created equally. The TP-Link RE220 comes highly recommended and has performed consistently well in various independent reviews.

How does the TP-Link RE220 work?

The RE220 is easy to set up. Simply plug it into a nearby electricity socket, press the WPS button to pair it with your home network and it’ll begin broadcasting Wi-Fi around your house. It broadcasts on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The device itself isn’t too bulky – it has an Ethernet port for connecting wired devices and is designed to offer consistent, reliable Wi-Fi performance.

The device supports up to 32 Wi-Fi devices at any one time – which should be enough for most households. It is also compatible with almost every Wi-Fi router, so it should be easy to set up.

How much does a Wi-Fi range extender cost?

The icing on the cake is the price. The TP-Link RE 220 is available from most electronics retailers (and online) for around £22.99.

Have you struggled with weak internet signal whilst working from home? Do you use a range extender? Let us know in the comments or on Linkedin.

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