A pinstripe-suit of Accountants? A calculating of Tax advisers?

May 28, 2014


By Lyndsey Hall

A murder of crows. An unkindness of ravens. It seems that in the animal kingdom, particularly amongst our feathered friends, it is the least attractive trait of the species that is used to describe a group. Not to mention a parliament of owls…

So, what would the collective noun for your profession be? We know accountants aren’t exactly well known for being exciting, fun or sexy. You’d probably label us something boring or geeky, like a comb-over of accountants, or a jargon of financial advisers.

If the noticeable downward trend is anything to go by, there could be a huge gap in the market in a few years’ time, as students today are turning away from mathematics and economics based subjects in favour of more vocational ones, like beauty therapy and plumbing. An increasing number of young people dream of owning their own business, and while this generation of would-be entrepreneurs is fantastic for the British economy and the future of the country, it means less and less kids are growing up to be accountants, financial advisers and tax specialists.

PricewaterhouseCooper have even resorted to hiring from the pool of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngsters in Year 11; cultivating their own crop of finance experts to bridge the generation gap, rather than wait for the current well to dry out.

Here at Knowles Warwick, we want to turn the tables on the old view of accounting firms and make accountancy fun!

So, instead of ‘a briefcase of business advisers’, we’re saying ‘a blaze of business advisers’! Instead of ‘a pinstripe-suit of accountants’, we’re calling it ‘a parade of accountants’! And instead of ‘a gobbledygook of financial advisers’, we want everyone to start saying ‘a galaxy of financial advisers’! That sounds cool, right? The kids’ll love it.

What would the group noun be for your profession, and what do you wish it was? Let us know in the Comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.


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