A Little Less Bite, A Little More Books & Records

Jul 2, 2014


By Lyndsey Hall

In the wake of being sent home from the World Cup with a 4 month blanket ban for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, Luis Suarez may find himself wondering whether he should have chosen a different career path.

According to an article in the Mirror last December, Suarez “loved maths” and “could have been a very successful accountant” if he had not made it as a footballer. Wilson Pirez, the scout who discovered the striker when he saw him play at just nine years old, has said that Suarez’s wife Sofia “must take a lot of credit for his career and where he is now”, as it was her family moving to Spain that encouraged Luis to up his game and become a successful footballer, so that he could transfer to a European team to be near her.

Perhaps, in the coming months, during his ban from all football related activity, Suarez will rediscover his love of maths and abandon the emotionally fraught world of international football for a more stable and relaxing career, like accounting. His clients would certainly get their tax returns in on time rather than face the infamous wrath of Luis Suarez!

Do you think Suarez should consider stringing up his boots and taking up the calculator? Let us know in the Comments!



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